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Download Playboy's Vixens, Alice Goodwin Official Calendar (2010/USA), Mens Health 2010-05/US (65083 [22 May 2010|11:31am]

Alice Goodwin Official Calendar (2010/USA) Maxim #4 (april 2010 USA)
Maxim №5/2010/ US Maxim 04/2010/Mexico Mens Health 2010-05/US
Playboy Lingerie Playboy's Vixens

Download Playboy's Vixens, Alice Goodwin Official Calendar (2010/USA), Mens Health 2010-05/US, Playboy Lingerie, Maxim 04/2010/Mexico, Maxim №5/2010/ US, Maxim #4 (april 2010 USA), Hustler №7 (2010/USA),

<CurlyEars> sorry....I am a bit compulsive about spelling an grammar</p>
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[12 Sep 2007|10:44am]


for jeph, too.

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[06 May 2007|09:18pm]

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[27 Mar 2007|09:28pm]

Tony Lovato is a free man.Collapse )
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bad tony lovato [26 Mar 2007|03:15am]


anyone who doesn't want to click the linkCollapse )
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[01 Mar 2007|11:33pm]

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[21 Oct 2006|02:30pm]

Pulling Joel again. Not coming back this time ^__^
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Heeelp! [22 Aug 2006|06:16am]

[ mood | tired ]

So, yeah, Brian and I are moving to Nevada. Here's the catch people...we have a laptop but no power chord. So, if you lovely people ever want to talk to us again, we need either a chord for my Dell Inspiron 8100 or money to buy one with. Contact either one of us for details if you can help. WE LOVE YOU!

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[10 Jul 2006|01:31am]

So, I just got home from seeing Brand New. And, I thought. I need to post this here because. hi. daveandvin. That’s enough reason in itself.

Basically, the show was incredible. As if that wasn’t expected. Stupid fucking venue made this one-night-only no-camera rule though. So, two shitty phone pictures is all you get.

But, Vinnie looked fucking gorgeous? Yes. Gorgeous. I’ll use the word as I please. And. THANK GOD. No damn mustache.

They played lotsss of songs. They were up for an hour and a half? But, I’m too lazy to list songs, go me.

And, Jesse had that god-awful v-neck again, with all his weird oldman chest hair. Onstage, he basically acted like he was better than everyone. And he didn’t acknowledge any of the things the fans were saying at all. But, I guess when you put on this incredible live show you’re allowed to act that way?

I got one of Vin’s water bottles after the show. But I wasn’t able to nab a setlist or anything. And, apparently, unlike every other band in the world, they SAVE their leftover picks. And, Vin only used ONE pick the entire night. What the hell. What kind of guitar player only uses ONE fucking pick? I could kill that Italian.

After the show, I decided to just hang around to see if I could get any autographs. The bus was parked outside. And when I say outside, I mean, LITERALLY, right in front of the venue. About, 10 feet from the door. They set up these barricades from the venue door to the bus though, so we could line up against those to get autographs and stuff. Brian Lane came out and signed shit, so, got an autograph from him. Then, the crowd kept disappearing until there was about 15 people left. And, lo and behold, here comes Vincent Accardi. And what the hell does he do? Bypasses everyone and walks RIGHT ONTO THE DAMN BUS. I waited for a fucking hour and a half after the show, JUST SO HE COULD WALK ONTO THE DAMN BUS.

He was just pissed because he hasn’t been laid in 3 months.
He’s obviously going through David withdrawals.

So. Yes. Met Brian Lane, and got one of Vinnie’s water bottles. And, that was about it. Garret and Jesse mysteriously vanished. They never even got onto the bus, so I don’t know what the hell that was about. We waited around till the bus left, and they NEVER came. Apparently they’ve got magic teleportation powers? Yes, obviously.
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[09 Apr 2006|01:24am]

I'm gone till Thursday.

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[30 Mar 2006|03:38pm]

delete please
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[17 Feb 2006|12:20am]

I'm going to be gone for a few days. Probably most of the weekend. x
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[08 Feb 2006|01:57pm]

dear mods,

I just now checked my email and got a message from one "Sara" probably better known around here as Deron. She stated that the mods of this community were denying her membership based on some sort of conflict between her and myself.

So, in conclusion, fuck you guys. No, I'm serious. Like it's some huge secret that Malyssa and Moonie hate Sara. Next time, please tell her that instead of name dropping me. Because, especially Malyssa, you know how I roll. I'll put down and tear apart anyone, but I'm always willing to forgive. I didn't care if she joined or not. You guys did. I don't appriciate getting emails from people begging that I explain to the mods that I have no problem with her.


ps; I'd really like to hear the story of Bam leaving/getting kicked out. Because all I read about it was that he was lazy, which is bullshit. He made plenty of posts and adjustments and did the inactivity cuts.

Shit. Whatever.
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ummm [16 Dec 2005|03:16pm]

[ mood | confused ]

are there any new couples or something?
or does anyone have an eye for someone so the 'single' guys know what guy they shouldn't hit on?

small update maybe? please?

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Assistance Please? [12 Nov 2005|03:39pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

As you guys might know, I'm new here and I RP Ray from MCR. I was wondering if someone could catch me up on some of the storylines...or at least tell me who's with who. I'd like to jump in, but I can't if I don't know where to start.


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apologies [10 Nov 2005|06:22pm]

so so sorry guys- but I've been accepted to do an acellerated college course.
I'm not even going to have time for my regular journal let alone this one.
so- delete me.
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[09 Nov 2005|02:05pm]

I hate to do this, but I've had some RL stuff go down and I can barely find time for my regular journal. God only knows when or even if any of this will be sorted. So yeah, go ahead and delete me.

Sorry about this, but unfortunately RL can be like that.=/
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[01 Aug 2005|02:40pm]

Deleting Branden
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[28 Jun 2005|11:24pm]

yeah, it's only been like four days, but you know - fuck it. i'm done.
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[15 Jun 2005|12:27am]
Deleting Brandon
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